Other Network Resources

Instructor Public Files

Your instructor may also have placed files on the network for your access. If they saved files to their own Oakton public.www folder, those files would be available at http://www.oakton.edu/~<the instructor's login ID>. Note that many instructors have non-Oakton web accounts and email addresses so they may have used those servers to store class files. They should alert you to this when your class begins.Instructors my also use the shared files directories of L: and M:.

Instructor Contact Information

You can look up an instructor's Oakton email address, web URL, and other contact information by clicking the Search button on the college home page (or in the navigation bar on many of the college site sub-pages). This will take you to the Oakton directory search. Follow the directions for searching when you arrive there. You can search on as much or as little data-- including partial names-- as you wish.
Please be aware that not all faculty use their Oakton email accounts. When you begin a class, the instructor should tell you the best way to contact him.

Online and web-enhanced classes
The majority of Oakton online courses use Desire2Learn (D2L).  Many resources about online courses at Oakton are available at http://www.oakton.edu/online; if you have registered for an online course and want to know what’s next, please see the "Getting Started" page for more information.
If you are in a course that is online log into myOakton and try your My Courses links. Instructors enhancing their face-to-face classes with web materials will let you know in class where to find them.
Some online and web-enhanced classes use textbook publisher sites like My Math Lab instead of D2L.