Media Collection and Reference Services

Media Services maintains a permanent media collection of more than 10,000 titles at the Des Plaines campus as well as videos for media-based courses. A list of all titles is accessible through the the online catalog available through myOakton. Please find it by selecting My Courses tab and scrolling down to the Media Services for students section. All titles support current college curriculum.

While the Media Services collection relates to the curricular needs of the college, the Des Plaines campus library also houses a collection of entertainment videos.

Titles are available for classes and for special events and may be reserved at either Media Services office by students, faculty, staff, administrators, and district residents. Faculty and staff may check out titles for limited off-campus use and preview, depending on format, licensing agreements, need, and availability. All materials are available for Oakton-related use only

Students doing presentations may request that titles be delivered to their classrooms along with the required equipment.

Please place requests for all materials at least 48 hours in advance.

Additional titles for curricular needs, not in Media Services's permanent collections, may be available through other channels; please note, however, that Oakton does not participate in interlibrary loans for media. Please ask Media Services personnel for assistance in finding suitable titles.