Where Are We Now?: Activism of the Everyday

October 19  – November 20, 2020

The only thing constant is change. Evolution can feel like an aspiration or like a myth. As a society and as individuals, we’ve made tremendous and sometimes painful strides full of triumphs, discoveries and promise. And just as swiftly and interchangeably, we can devolve—facing our ugliest selves and bitter realities. This life is a dance and a struggle. At times we are weak, ready to give up, and in other moments or situations we are empowered and strong—fighting for a new day. We are a complex mixture of awe, confusion, harmony, despair, irony, conflict, epiphanies, and love because we are exquisitely human, beautifully flawed. How did we get here? How have we pushed back, fought each other, taken up space, loved each other, or given in to something bigger than us—for better or worse? Who are we now—as global citizens, as women, as providers, as Americans, as voters entering an election year, as lovers, as activists, and as individuals? Where are we going? And why does it even matter?

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