Admission Requirements

There are four steps to enroll in the BNAT program:

  • Call the BNAT office at the Skokie campus for an appointment for an interview at 847.635.1461.
  • Complete an application to Oakton Community College, meeting all admission requirements.
  • Register for BNA 100 and BNA 105 concurrently after acceptance into the BNAT Program.
  • Pay for your class by the deadline date that you receive when you register to secure your seat.

Students who wish to enroll in the BNAT program must first call 847.635.1461 to schedule an appointment for an interview and testing.

BNAT admission requirements

  • EGL 089 or EGL 095 by reading placement testing. Placement tests are conducted at the Testing Center.
  • Submit documentation of health requirements to Health Services.
  • Have a valid social security number that will be placed on the Illinois Health Care Worker Registry.
  • Meet state-mandated medical requirements to participate in clinical sessions. These include:
    • A recent physical exam and eye exam by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner;
    • A recent TB test;
    • Hepatitis B vaccination or a signed Hepatitis B declination form;
    • Confidential medical history form (filled out by student);
    • Record of Flu vaccination during flu season;
    • COVID vaccination compliance
      (If a student meets the above requirements, Health Services will send a "Certificate of Clearance" to the BNAT program chair with a copy to the student. Students cannot attend the clinical portion of the course without this approval).
    • Fingerprint background checks are required before a new nursing assistant begins a Nursing Assistant Training Program. The background must be initiated before the student enters the program and must be done for all students enrolled in the program.A Registry must be created before the fingerprint background check can be requested and the fingerprint must be obtained before the first day of class. A student with a disqualifying conviction cannot attend the clinical portion of the BNA 100 course unless they have a waiver from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).Students can access their criminal background information on the IDPH Health Care Worker Registry website. Fingerprint Criminal Background Checks are done on Campus by an IDPH approved vendor or outside by an IDPH approved vendor.

Students must be “cleared” to be authorized to participate in the clinical component of the health career program. Individual results of student background check is considered confidential.

Successful completion of the BNAT Program requires the student to participate in and satisfy the clinical training component* of the program. Students must attend clinical training experiences in a general acute hospital or skilled nursing facility. To participate in clinical training, students must be able to perform the Essential Skills Expected of a Nurse Assistant.

Students who refuse a criminal background check will not be considered “clear” and will not be authorized to participate in the clinical component of the health career program, necessitating withdrawal from the program at that time. Individual results of student background checks and drug screens are considered confidential. Determination of whether or not a student can participate in the clinical component of a particular health career program will be communicated to the respective program chairs by the background check/drug screen vendor. Students may view their personal results on the vendor’s website.