Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program offers computer courses for students with various levels of computer proficiency. Course offerings allow students to learn emerging technologies and upgrade technical skills. Students who want to become computer professionals can learn the technical, analytical, and communication skills needed in computers careers, such as:

  • Computer programmer (e.g. Java, C#, Visual Basic, Python)
  • Mobile programmer (e.g. Android, Apple)
  • Systems analyst
  • Oracle database administrator
  • Computer support specialist
  • Linux administrator
  • Website developer
  • Website support specialist
  • Project manager
  • Digital ERP (using SAP) generalist
  • Business data analyst

Courses are geared toward students who:

  • plan to continue their education at another institution of higher learning
  • are working in IT and want to learn new technologies (e.g. mobile programming)
  • want to improve their marketability
  • are relatively new to using a computer
  • want to improve their personal computer skills

Course offerings include computer literacy, programming logic, programming languages, mobile programming, website development and maintenance, operating systems, technical writing, information systems management, systems analysis and design, project management, database management, and database programming.

Oakton offers the Associate in Applied Science Degree with emphasis on either Computer Programming or Computers and Information Systems (computer support). In addition, many certificate programs are offered. The Computer Technology certificate gives the student an opportunity to select their own courses for the certificate requirements. Many of these certificates may lead to industrial certifications (e.g.Oracle, Linux or Microsoft).

Students in Computer Information Systems curricula must receive a minimum grade of C in all CIS, CAB, CNS, CSC, ELT, and MGT courses leading to a CIS degree or certificate.

For more information, contact John Stryker program coordinator, at 847.635.1969 or