ELT Generic Course Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

ELT 101 Introduction to Electronics

ELT 102 D.C. Circuits

ELT 103 A.C. Circuits

ELT 105 Network Infrastructure Essentials

ELT 106 Semiconductor Theory

ELT 107 Survey of Electronics

ELT 108 Home Technology Integration

ELT 110 Electronic Drafting Using CAD

ELT 114 Residential Wiring

ELT 120 Introduction to Radio Frequency Identification

ELT 130 Microcomputer Hardware Systems

ELT 140 Computer Peripherals

ELT 150 A+ Certification Preparation

ELT 154 Fundamentals of Solar Energy Systems

ELT 160 Overview of Alternative Energy Resources

ELT 204 Wireless Technology Integration (WTI)

ELT 205 Semiconductor Devices

ELT 221 Digital Circuit Fundamentals

ELT 222 Communications and Telephone Electronics

ELT 223 Integrated Circuits

ELT 224 Industrial Circuit Applications

ELT 225 Digital Integrated Circuits

ELT 231 Fundamentals of Microprocessors

ELT 290 Topics in Electronics