Learning Outcomes

The Technical Communication Certificate program is designed for people with experience and/or education in specific fields who wish to improve their technical communication skills. Students will learn technical writing skills and apply them to a chosen career area. Fields in which technical information is conveyed include software development, engineering, manufacturing, health care, instructional design, marketing, and many other areas in business and industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Clearly communicate technical information to specific audiences, using appropriate media.
  • Identify specific audience needs and document purposes.
  • Apply graphic and design elements in documents (print and digital) that enhance usability by an intended audience.
  • Convert abstract or written ideas into visual elements.
  • Write clear, concise prose that facilitates usability by a specified audience.
  • Present data and analysis in appropriate media for intended audiences.
  • Use appropriate software for conveying information via digital media.
  • Employ effective navigational and organizational tools in print and digital documents.
  • Apply ethical principle to technical communications, including adherence to intellectual property rights and regulations.