Learning Outcomes

The financial services curriculum is designed to enhance growth opportunities for students who are exploring career activities and for middle-level employees in securities or commodities trading. The curriculum provides a strong foundation of information on a variety of important business activities such as, investment analysis, trading techniques applicable to securities and commodities, account and debt management, marketing and public relations.

Student seeking a AAS degree can apply hours from this certificate to the AAS degree in Management.

Financial Services/Investment Analysis Certificate

Provides courses needed to prepare students for careers in Commodity and Futures trading leading to a Series Seven License.

Students are required to complete 15 hours in coursework in commodity Futures trading, principles of fundamental Analysis, Principles of Technical Analysis and Option markets.

Learning objectives

  1. Calculate a P/E ratio.
  2. Identify trends and forecast future prices.
  3. Track investment instruments.
  4. Differentiate between shorting stocks and going long on stocks.
  5. Discuss how the ‘Fibonacci Retracement’ relates to financial services and the investor.