AAS/Part-time HIT Program

Part-time Option (Three years including summers): Admission to the program is in January
The part-time evening Associate in Applied Science degree in health information technology is a limited enrollment three year 61 credit program. Courses are offered in the evening only at the Des Plaines Campus. This program is designed to allow participation of individuals who are unable to take classes during the daytime.

A career in health information technology can take on many different avenues. The field offers opportunities to combine the disciplines of medicine, computer technology and information management within the health care industry. The complex information needs of the health care industry place interesting demands for accurate and timely health data. Growing career opportunities offer exciting, challenging and rewarding possibilities.

This program combines academic and technical studies; planned clinical experience is provided in medical facilities and related settings. Students must be available for directed practice placement during daytime business hours during the last 2 semesters of the program. Our evening students who work full-time generally arrange for vacation days to be used for clinical days.

Students who have completed general education courses which are a part of the curriculum must still plan on attending part-time for three full years. It is recommended to complete the general education requirements before admission into the evening program.

Admission Requirements for Limited Enrollment AAS degree
This is a limited enrollment program with specific admission requirements. This program begins in the Spring semester only. There are two courses that must be taken fall semester prior to spring admission into the A.A.S. program.

Application Process for Limited Enrollment AAS degree
This is a limited enrollment program with a specific application process.
Applications for spring will be accepted until November 1 or until the program is at full capacity.

You may wish to review the Associate in Applied Science in HIT Frequently Asked Questions.

Courses for AAS Degree in HIT
61 Semester Hours Curriculum 0285

General Education Course Requirements: 20 Credit Hours

Students must complete all general education requirements prior to receiving the A.A.S. degree.

See General Education Requirements for A.A.S. Degree in HIT.

Total HIT Major Requirements: 39 Credit Hours
Total Electives: 0 - 2 Credit Hours
Total Credits needed for AAS degree in HIT: 61 Credit Hours

Students are admitted to the program in the spring (January) semester only.

A minimum grade of C is required in all HIT and BIO courses.
Courses must be taken in the following semester sequence.

Prerequisite must be taken prior to spring program admission

HIT 104

Medical Terminology


HIT 105

Pharmacology for Health Record Documentation


BIO 114

Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology


1st Semester, Spring

HIT 121

Fundamentals of Health Information Management


HIT 124

Fundamentals of Medical Science


MAT 131

Elementary Statistics


2nd Semester, Summer

HIT 170

CPT Coding


General Education
Select from general education requirements list


3rd Semester, Fall

HIT 108

International Classification of Disease - ICD


HIT 120

Evaluation & Management Coding in CPT (Thurs. evening course)


HIT 131

Health Statistics and Registries


General Education
Select from general education requirements list


4th Semester, Spring

HIT 194

Health Informatics for Healthcare Professions


HIT 260

Reimbursement Issues


5th Semester, Summer

HIT 222

Supervisory and Legal Aspects


6th Semester, Fall

HIT 221

Quality Improvement and Assessment in Healthcare


HIT 251

Health Information Technology Practice I


General Education
Select from general education requirements list


7th Semester, Spring

HIT 252

Health Information Technology Practice II


General Education
Select from general education requirements list


Select 3 credits from the following courses:



CAB  130, CAB 135 (recommended), CAB 140



HIT 111, HIT 112, HIT 115, HIT 116



PHL 180


Select additional elective credits (any 100 course level or higher)
Select electives as necessary to complete 61 credit hours for A.A.S HIT degree.