Learning Outcomes

Taken from the: Council for Standards in Human Service Education National Standards ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN HUMAN SERVICES http://www.cshse.org

Knowledge, Theory, Skills, and Values

1. History

Analyze the historical development of human services over the past 150 years.

2. Human Systems

Evaluate the theory of the interaction of human systems including: individual, interpersonal, group, family, organizational, community, and societal.

3. Human Services Delivery Systems

Evaluate the scope of conditions that promote or inhibit human functioning.

4. Information Management

Evaluate skills utilized in human services information management.

5. Planning and Evaluation

Create systemic analysis of service needs, appropriate strategies, and services and evaluate the associated implementation and outcomes.

6. Interventions and Direct Services

Develop the skills for direct service delivery and appropriate interventions.

7. Interpersonal Communication

Develop appropriate interpersonal communication skills.

8. Client-Related Values and Attitudes

Analyze human services values, attitudes and ethics and promote their application in practice.

9. Self-Development

Analyze the impact of own individual values, personalities, reaction patterns, interpersonal styles, and limitations.

Field Experience

The program provides field experience that is integrated with the curriculum creating an opportunity to generate interventions that apply theory to practice.