HUM 142

Women and Creativity

This class counts towards the General Humanities requirement and Fine Arts requirement and can also be used to work towards a Women's and Gender Studies Concentration. Each instructor develops his or her own focus for HUM 142. Please contact the instructor for information on the class focus and books.
(IAI HF 907D)

Section 001
WGS, fufills US diversity requirement



Des Plaines

Tina Fakhrid-Deen

Section 002
WGS, fufills US dveristy requirement




Lindsey Hewitt

Section 050
WGS, fullfills US diversity requirement



Des Plaines

Therse Grisham


We have designed this learning community to introduce students to the variety of cultural systems throughout the world, with particular emphasis on women's contributions to these systems as well as on the influence of gender norms within these systems. Particular attention will be paid to the role that creativity and artistic endeavor plays in shaping a given culture and how historically, women have had a unique relationship to this phenomenon. This tandem will also look at the topic of migration and immigration, with particular attention to the effects the movement of people has on indigenous populations. Section 0H1 is an Honors course in tandem with ANT 202-0H1.

Section 050 is a Late-Start beginning 8/30