Fall 2018 Late Start Courses

Each of these links will take you to a page that shows more information about the days, times, campus and instructors that will be teaching this course Fall term.

Western Culture and the Arts: Reniassance through the 20th Century (HUM 121)

Contemporary Culture and the Arts (HUM 122)

Introduction to Art (HUM 123)

Introduction to Philosophy (HUM 127)

Introduction to Architecture (HUM 133)

Women and Creativity (HUM 142)

Introduction to Film (HUM 160)

Introduction to World Music (HUM 165)

World Mythologies (HUM 210)

Asian Humanities: Global Studies (HUM 220)

Women, Art and Culture (HUM 242)


Ethics (PHL 106)

Business Ethics (PHL 107)

World Religions: Global Studies (PHL 205)

Asian Philosophy (PHL 215)

Philosophy of Religion (PHL 240)


* Part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative for students interested in transferring to another college after Oakton.