Humanities and Philosophy

Des Plaines, Skokie
Our department offers a wide range of classes in philosophy, film, women and gender studies, and interdisciplinary humanities. Many of our classes, in addition to fulfilling the humanities graduation requirements, also fulfill global studies and U.S diversity requirements. Find out more about our available classes by clicking the Fall 2018 Classes link on the left hand side of this page. By looking at our department schedule, you can find out what requirements different classes meet. By clicking on the name of the instructor, you can look at a brief biography. Any questions about humanities and philosophy can be answered by the department co-chair, Hollace Graff. Her email is, and her phone number is 847-376-7033. Of course, you should register through myOakton when you are ready!
Des Plaines
Please join us for Creating Justice on Saturday, April 21st, 1-7pm at Des Plaines Campus. This event is about the celebration of art in various movements for social justice. The event is free, but it will help our planning if you register. We have various speakers, artists, and musicians who will address issues such as immigration, fashion and how it relates to politics concerning women, mass incarceration and oppression, and how to express social concerns through art. There will also be different performances and workshops throughout the day. This event will help us understand and work for social justice. There will be snacks, coffee, and tea throughout the day. At the end of the day, there will be a free dinner and live music. Click on this link to see the schedule and register. We thank the Oakton Educational Foundation for their generous funding for this event.
Des Plaines, Skokie
Take Classes by Concentration
Here at Oakton, students have an excellent opportunity to study within a concentration while completing their degree. Students will receive recognition on their transcripts for completing one or more concentrations. Some of these areas of study include the Honors, Peace and Social Justice, Women and Gender Studies, Great Books, Global Studies, and our newest Environmental Studies concentrations, as well as others. Many humanities and philosophy classes fulfill one or more requirements for multiple concentrations at a time. Be sure to check out what classes fit your concentration by searching under "Category" when registering for classes.