Summer 2019 Humanities and Philosophy Courses

Each of these links will take you to a page that shows more information about the days, times, campus, instructors, and special topics.

Western Culture and the Arts: Beginnings through Middle Ages (HUM 120)*

Contemporary Culture and the Arts (HUM 122)*

Introduction to Art (HUM 123)*

Introduction to Music (HUM 125)*

Introduction to Philosophy (HUM 127)*

Introduction to Theater (HUM 131)*

Intro to Women's and Gender Studies (HUM 140) *

Women and Creativity (HUM 142) *

Introduction to Film (HUM 160) *

Global Cinema (HUM 161) 

Introduction to World Music (HUM 165) *

World Mythologies (HUM 210) *

Asian Humanities (HUM 220) *


Logic (PHL 105) *

Ethics (PHL 106) *

Business Ethics (PHL 107)

World Religions (PHL 205) *

* Part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative for students interested in transferring to another college after Oakton.