Humanities and Philosophy Generic Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

The links below will take you to a web file of a generic syllabus.


HUM 120 (HF 902) Western Culture and the Arts: Beginnings through the Middle Ages

HUM 121 (HF 903) Western Culture and the Arts: Renaissance through the 20th Century

HUM 122 (HF 901) Contemporary Culture and the Arts (formerly HUM 101)

HUM 123 (F2 900) Introduction to Art (formerly HUM 103)

HUM 124 African-American Culture and the Arts

HUM 125 (F1 900) Introduction to Music (formerly HUM 105)

HUM 126 Introduction to Music Theater (formerly HUM 106)

HUM 127 (H4 900) Introduction to Philosophy (formerly HUM 107)

HUM 131 (F1 907) Introduction to Theater (formerly HUM 111)

HUM 133 Introduction to Architecture (formerly HUM 113)

HUM 140 (IAI H9 900) Introduction to Women's Studies

HUM 141 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

HUM 142 (HF 907D) Women and Creativity

HUM 160 (F2 905) Introduction to Film

HUM 161 Global Cinema

HUM 162 Film and Literature

HUM 165 (IAI F1 903N) Introduction to World Music

HUM 210 (H9 901) World Mythologies

HUM 220 (HF 904N) Asian Humanities (formerly Non-Western Humanities)

HUM 242 (IAI F2 907D) Women, Art, and Culture

HUM 260 (F2 908) Perspectives on Film

HUM 290 Special Topics in Humanities Not currently offered


PHL 105 (H4 906) Logic

PHL 106 (H4 904) Ethics

PHL 107 Business Ethics

PHL 110 Introduction to the Study of Religion

PHL 130 Religious Diversity in America

PHL 170 Introduction to Philosophy of Science

PHL 180 Medical Ethics

PHL 200 Independent Study (no generic syllabus)

PHL 204 Environmental Ethics

PHL 205 (H5 904N) World Religions

PHL 215 (H4 903N) Asian Philosophy (formerly Non-Western Philosophy)

PHL 230 (H4 901) Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (formerly PHL 120)

PHL 231 (H4 902) Modern and Contemporary Philosophy (formerly PHL 121)

PHL 240 (H4 905) Philosophy of Religion (formerly PHL 201)

PHL 245 (H5 901) Foundational Religious Texts

PHL 290 Special Topics in Philosophy