Generic Course Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

MKT 115 Creativity in Business

MKT 131 Principles of Marketing

MKT 132 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

MKT 134 Fundraising and Grant Writing

MKT 150 Sports Marketing

MKT 151 Customer Service

MKT 161 Principles of Professional Selling


MKT 215 Introduction to Advertising

MKT 230 Consumer Behavior

MKT 236 Marketing Research

MKT 240 Introduction to Public Relations

MKT 243 Managing Publications

MKT 244 Advanced Public Relations and Special Events

MKT 247 Cases in Public Relations Management

MKT 248 Marketing Management

MKT 249 Customer Relationship Management

MKT 251 Marketing Practicum

MKT 253 Crisis and Issue Management

MKT 260 Events Planning

MKT 261 Advanced Professional Selling

MKT 262 Meeting & Convention Planning

MKT 266 New Media and Technology in Marketing

MKT 270 Integrated Marketing Communications

MKT 271 Brand Marketing

MKT 275 Social Media Tools for Business