Completion of Oakton’s Medical Assistant program includes two off-campus clinical practicums. Prior to registration of the second semester Medical Assistant Program (MAP) courses, students must meet health requirements, including a physical exam, updated immunizations, proof of current health insurance, a criminal background check and drug screenings*.

Fall Semester
MAP 120 Basic Healthcare Skills for the Medical Assistant
MAP 180 Healthcare Office Procedures for the Medical Assistant
HIT 104 Medical Terminology
MLT 105 Introduction to Health Care Issues
MLT 107 Phlebotomy

Spring Semester
MAP 185 Billing and Coding for the Medical Assistant
MAP 230 Clinical Skills for the Medical Assistant
HIT 105 Pharmacology for Health Record Documentation
MLT 204 Phlebotomy Practicum

Summer Session
MAP 260 Medical Assistant Practicum

*Students who refuse a criminal background check and/or drug screen will not be considered “clear” and will not be authorized to participate in the clinical component of the health career program, necessitating withdrawal from the program at that time. Individual results of student background checks and drug screens are considered confidential. Determination of whether or not a student can participate in the clinical component of a particular health career program will be communicated to the respective program chairs by the background check/drug screen vendor. Students may view their personal results on the vendor’s website.