Student FAQ

Q: How do I access my online language class?

Q: Where do I take my oral exam for my online class?

A: You may take your oral exam in one of our two Language Labs during the times when the labs are available. 

Q: When may I take the oral exam in the lab?

A: Before coming to the lab you must check the Language Lab Calendar and must come at least one hour before the lab closes to take your exam.  Students can come any time when the lab is open, except when classes are meeting in the lab.  The lab calendar provides specific information when the lab is closed.

Access to Language Lab Calendar:

Q: What is required for taking an oral exam?

A: Students must show an ID with picture to staff members.

Q: What can I do in the Language Lab?

A: There are different ways the Language Lab can support and help you when you are learning a language.  Here are some of the ways:

  1. Technical help using our special language training equipment
  2. Access to our collection of books (including reserved textbooks) and software
  3. Opportunities to get help with specific problems with our language tutors and to practice a language in our conversation groups

Q: Can I use the Language Lab programs from home via the internet?

A: No, you need to come to the Language Lab where several programs for learning English and other languages are installed and available in computers.  For some of them you will need a CD, so please be sure to ask for it.

Q: Can you give me a copy of the Language Lab programs?

A: Sorry, no, we cannot give copies to students or anybody, because of legal copyright agreements with software companies.

Q: Can I borrow books from the Lab and take them home?

A: The books are only and exclusively for use in the Lab.  Please see our work schedule and lab calendar to help you plan your visit to the Language Lab so you can take advantage of these resources.

Access to Language Lab Calendar:

Q: Why do I need to sign in each time I use the Language Lab?

A: Proof that OCC students use the Lab is important for us because it helps us get funding, new equipment and software, books, etc.  It’s important for you, because it helps assure you will be using some of the most recent, state-of-the-art language-training equipment and programs.  That is why it is absolutely necessary to sign in every time you come to the lab. 

Q: How do I find my username & password at Oakton?

A: You can go to myOakton and look for “Forgot your login?” to find out, or go here:

Q: Is there a placement test? How do I know my level of proficiency with a language?

A: No, there is no placement test.  You can discuss your level with an instructor of the language you would like to take. 

Q: Can I get credits for previous language experience?

A: Click on the link below in order to get more information.

Q: How do I request for proficiency language credit?

A: Please access the application form:

Or you can visit the Language Lab to get a hard copy of the application and instructions.

Q: How do online language classes work?

  1. You need to register for such classes as you do with any other class.  In the event of a question about the appropriate level of the course in which to enroll, either the chair of the language department or the individual course instructor will make a determination with the student.
  2. You will be able to access your course on the date it is scheduled to begin.
  3. You will log into your course through MyOakton using a software called Desire2Learn (D2L). Everything will be done through D2L, from contacting your teacher to doing homework, and homework submission.
  4. All language courses require students to take exams on campus in a proctored setting.  Students living outside Oakton's district may arrange to take their exams at the testing center of a local college or university, or other approved site.  Contact the Online Learning office for additional information (
  5. Your Oral Exam will be given in the Language Lab, unless your teacher decides to do something different.  For more information, please refer to our Q&A section: “Q. Where do I take my oral exam for my online class?” and “Q. When may I take the oral exam in the lab?”
  6. Your written exams will be given in the Testing Center, unless again, your teacher does something different.
  7. Prior to an exam, you can get help and practice by coming to the Language Lab and working with a tutor and participating in conversation groups.