Generic Course Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.


ARB 101 Beginning Arabic I

ARB 102 Beginning Arabic II

ARB 105 Conversational Arabic

ARB 201 Intermediate Arabic I

ARB 202 Intermediate Arabic II


CHI 101 Beginning Chinese I

CHI 102 Beginning Chinese II

CHI 105 Conversational Chinese

CHI 201 Intermediate Chinese I

CHI 202 Intermediate Chinese II


FRE 101 Beginning French I

FRE 102 Beginning French II

FRE 105 Conversational French

FRE 201 Intermediate French I

FRE 202 Intermediate French II

FRE 205 French Conversation and Composition

FRE 210 Introduction to French Literature


GER 101 Beginning German I

GER 102 Beginning German II

GER 105 Conversational German

GER 201 Intermediate German I

GER 202 Intermediate German II

GER 205 German Conversation and Composition

GER 210 Introduction to German Literature


HBW 101 Beginning Hebrew I

HBW 102 Beginning Hebrew II

HBW 105 Conversational Hebrew

HBW 201 Intermediate Hebrew I

HBW 202 Intermediate Hebrew II


HIN 101 Beginning Hindi I

HIN 102 Beginning Hindi II


ITL 101 Beginning Italian I

ITL 102 Beginning Italian II

ITL 105 Conversational Italian

ITL 201 Intermediate Italian I

ITL 202 Intermediate Italian II

ITL 205 Italian Conversation and Composition


JPN 101 Beginning Japanese I

JPN 102 Beginning Japanese II

JPN 105 Conversational Japanese

JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I

JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II

JPN 205 Japanese Conversation and Composition

JPN 206 Japanese Conversation and Reading


KOR 101 Beginning Korean I

KOR 102 Beginning Korean II

KOR 105 Conversational Korean

KOR 201 Intermediate Korean I

KOR 202 Intermediate Korean II


POL 101 Beginning Polish I

POL 102 Beginning Polish II

POL 105 Conversational Polish

POL 201 Intermediate Polish I

POL 202 Intermediate Polish II


RUS 101 Beginning Russian I

RUS 102 Beginning Russian II

RUS 105 Conversational Russian

RUS 201 Intermediate Russian I

RUS 202 Intermediate Russian II


SPN 101 Beginning Spanish I

SPN 102 Beginning Spanish II

SPN 105 Conversational Spanish

SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I

SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish II

SPN 205 Spanish Conversation and Composition

SPN 210 Introduction to Spanish Literature


URD 101 Beginning Urdu I

URD 102 Beginning Urdu II