Generic Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

MUS 104 Fundamentals of Music

MUS 105 Instrumental Ensemble I

MUS 106 Instrumental Ensemble II

MUS 107 Class Piano I

MUS 108 Class Piano II

MUS 109 Instrumental Percussion Ensemble I

MUS 110 Instrumental Percussion Ensemble II

MUS 111 Choir I

MUS 112 Choir II

MUS 115 Jazz Combo I

MUS 116 Jazz Combo II

MUS 117 Jazz Band I

MUS 118 Jazz Band II

MUS 119 Aural Skills I

MUS 120 Aural Skills II

MUS 121 Music Theory I

MUS 122 Music Theory II

MUS 125 Jazz Ensemble I

MUS 126 Jazz Ensemble II

MUS 130 Class Voice

MUS 131 Class Woodwind Instruments

MUS 132 Class Brass Instruments

MUS 133 Class String Instruments

MUS 134 Class Percussion I

MUS 135 Class Percussion II

MUS 138 Class Guitar

MUS 141 Brass Ensemble I

MUS 142 Brass Ensemble II

MUS 143 Woodwind Ensemble I

MUS 144 Woodwind Ensemble II

MUS 145 Introduction to Music of the U.S.A.

MUS 150 Applied Music Voice I

MUS 151 Applied Music Conducting I

MUS 152 Applied Flute I

MUS 153 Applied Clarinet I

MUS 154 Applied Music Oboe I

MUS 155 Applied Music Bassoon I

MUS 156 Applied Trumpet I

MUS 157 Applied Trombone I

MUS 158 Applied Music French Horn I

MUS 159 Applied Saxophone I

MUS 160 Applied Music Violin I

MUS 161 Applied Music Viola I

MUS 162 Applied Music Cello I

MUS 163 Applied Music Contrabass I

MUS 164 Applied Music Percussion I

MUS 165 Applied Piano I

MUS 166 Applied Music Bass Guitar I

MUS 167 Applied Guitar I

MUS 168 Applied Music Tuba I

MUS 169 Applied Music Jazz Guitar I

MUS 170 Applied Music Voice II

MUS 171 Applied Music Conducting II

MUS 172 Applied Flute II

MUS 173 Applied Clarinet II

MUS 174 Applied Music Oboe II

MUS 175 Applied Music Bassoon II

MUS 176 Applied Trumpet II

MUS 177 Applied Trombone II

MUS 178 Applied Music French Horn II

MUS 179 Applied Saxophone II

MUS 180 Applied Music Violin II

MUS 181 Applied Music Viola II

MUS 182 Applied Music Cello II

MUS 183 Applied Music Contrabass II

MUS 184 Applied Percussion II

MUS 185 Applied Piano II

MUS 186 Applied Music Bass Guitar II

MUS 187 Applied Guitar II

MUS 188 Applied Music Tuba II

MUS 189 Applied Music Jazz Guitar II

MUS 205 Instrumental Ensemble III

MUS 206 Instrumental Ensemble IV

MUS 207 Class Piano III

MUS 208 Class Piano IV

MUS 209 Instrumental Percussion Ensemble III

MUS 210 Instrumental Percussion Ensemble IV

MUS 211 Choir III

MUS 212 Choir IV

MUS 215 Jazz Combo III

MUS 216 Jazz Combo IV

MUS 217 Jazz Band III

MUS 218 Jazz Band IV

MUS 219 Aural Skills III

MUS 220 Aural Skills IV

MUS 221 Music Theory III

MUS 222 Music Theory IV

MUS 225 Jazz Ensemble III

MUS 226 Jazz Ensemble IV

MUS 234 Class Percussion III

MUS 235 Class Percussion IV

MUS 236 Music Literature and History

MUS 241 Brass Ensemble III

MUS 242 Brass Ensemble IV

MUS 243 Woodwind Ensemble III

MUS 244 Woodwind Ensemble IV

MUS 250 Applied Music Voice III

MUS 251 Applied Music Conducting III

MUS 252 Applied Flute III

MUS 253 Applied Clarinet III

MUS 254 Applied Music Oboe III

MUS 255 Applied Music Bassoon III

MUS 256 Applied Trumpet III

MUS 257 Applied Trombone III

MUS 258 Applied Music French Horn III

MUS 259 Applied Saxophone III

MUS 260 Applied Music Violin III

MUS 261 Applied Music Viola III

MUS 262 Applied Music Cello III

MUS 263 Applied Music Contrabass III

MUS 264 Applied Percussion III

MUS 265 Applied Piano III

MUS 266 Applied Music Bass Guitar III

MUS 267 Applied Guitar III

MUS 268 Applied Music Tuba III

MUS 269 Applied Music Jazz Guitar III

MUS 270 Applied Music Voice IV

MUS 271 Applied Music Conducting IV

MUS 272 Applied Flute IV

MUS 273 Applied Clarinet IV

MUS 274 Applied Music Oboe IV

MUS 275 Applied Music Bassoon IV

MUS 276 Applied Trumpet IV

MUS 277 Applied Trombone IV

MUS 278 Applied Music French Horn IV

MUS 279 Applied Saxophone IV

MUS 280 Applied Music Violin IV

MUS 281 Applied Music Viola IV

MUS 282 Applied Music Cello IV

MUS 283 Applied Music Contrabass IV

MUS 284 Applied Percussion IV

MUS 285 Applied Piano IV

MUS 286 Applied Music Bass Guitar IV

MUS 287 Applied Guitar IV

MUS 288 Applied Music Tuba IV

MUS 289 Applied Music Jazz Guitar IV