Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Associate Degree Nursing Program at Oakton Community College, the graduate will be prepared to:

  1. Collaborate with family and health team to assist in meeting client’s health needs (Maslow) by using judgment and interventions appropriate to the client’s developmental level (Erickson).
  2. Integrate knowledge of general education, nursing, and science to provide nursing care for clients and their families, recognizing the need for cultural competency.
  3. Communicate independently in an effective therapeutic manner with clients, families, health team and members of the community.
  4. Utilize appropriate teaching learning principles for clients’ families in a variety of settings.
  5. Act as a patient advocate for client and families recognizing human dignity and cultural diversity.
  6. Utilize the nursing process in providing safe physical and psychosocial care for clients and families in a variety of settings.
  7. Demonstrate effective management skills in providing nursing care for clients and families (e.g. delegation, supervision, conflict resolution, decision-making, etc).
  8. Collaborate with clients, family, and health team members in making decisions to maintain and promote wellness.
  9. Demonstrate nursing competency by making appropriate decisions based on critical analyses.
  10. Utilize independently current technology in the implementation of safe nursing practice.
  11. Meet the accepted standards of practice and maintain professional ethics as Registered Nurses.
  12. Participate in professional activities.
  13. Utilize legal and ethical principles in the delivery of nursing care.
  14. Analyze health care economics and its impact on client care.
  15. Demonstrate a personal ethic of social responsibility and service.