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Global Business Studies
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Global Business Studies

GBS101 - Introduction to Global Business
Course introduces students to the study of global business. Content includes issues and topics related to conducting business outside of the U.S. domestic marketplace, with a focus on cultural, political, legal and ethical business practices around the world and the implications of these factors. Recommended: BUS 101 taken prior to, or in conjunction with, this course.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

GBS205 - Import/Export Basics
Course provides comprehensive overview of import or export business. Content includes who and why, import/export marketing strategies, product development and market research, export terms, documentation, procedures, tariff and non-tariff barriers, getting paid or paying for imports or exports, import terms, procedures and U.S. Customs entry regulations, dates and quotas.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

GBS212 - Global Sourcing and Import Procedures
Course simulates the importing experience of a retail buyer while exposing students to the policies and procedures associated with sourcing merchandise from another country. Topics parallel the importing process and a virtual simulation provides students with the actual experience of importing a product. Course teaches students to be well-trained researchers and import planners, and serves as an essential tutorial for novice importers, product developers, and retail buyers. Recommended Prerequisite: GBS 205
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

GBS225 - Global Logistics and Documentation
Course focuses on the global supply chain, as well as strategic planning of logistics and the proper execution of global trade documentation. Topics include: use of incoterms, transportation options, and the most recent software programs to facilitate supply chain logistics and documentation by using a case study to demonstrate how management of the logistics function is conducted in a real-world situation. Recommended: GBS 205 or consent of instructor. Prerequisite: Recommended: GBS 205 or consent of instructor
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

GBS235 - Global Marketing
Course provides an overview of the marketing process as applied to global marketing. Content includes concerns of inexperienced firm considering exporting as an option for increased sales and profits, and presents an approach for experienced firm in evaluating export marketing process and reaching global markets. Prerequisite: Recommended: GBS101 or MKT131
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

GBS236 - Current Global Events and Perspectives
Course provides an overview of current global economic, political and socio-cultural events and perspectives that affect global business. Using a variety of resources, students will analyze and discuss the impact of current events on global business activities. Prerequisite: Recommended: GBS101
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

GBS240 - Global Management
Course focuses on the role of the executive, middle and front-line management in directing and improving organizational performance in a global environment. Concepts covered include management of various types of international risks, strategic planning, and decision-making facing global business. Prerequisite: Recommended: GBS 101.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

GBS250 - Interest Rates and Foreign Exchange Markets
Course examines the foreign exchange situation domestically and world wide. Content includes dollar exchange rates, spot, forward, futures and options markets, appropriate history and economics/finance topics. Focus is on foreign exchange from the viewpoint of the trader of currencies, the hedger and the international importer/exporter. Prerequisite:Recommended GEG 130.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

GBS253 - Practicum
Course provides opportunity to earn credit and valuable experience while doing a project on the job in an approved company. Intended for the second-year Global Business Studies student. Prerequisite: 12 hours of GBS or consent of instructor
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

GBS290 - Topics in Global Business
Course designed to meet the special interest needs of global business students and local business organizations. Students may repeat GBS 290 up to three times on different topics for a maximum of nine semester credit hours. Prerequisite may vary by topic.
1-4 Credit Hours (lecture: 0-4; lab: 1-4)

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