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STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math, is a constantly evolving industry. You may hear about the importance of STEM degrees in our workforce due to the number of crucial jobs in these fields. Future jobs—including many that don’t yet exist—will come from the STEM disciplines.

At Oakton, we know that the jobs available in these disciplines are competitive and are always evolving as new discoveries are made. Our programs are designed to allow you to easily transition into the workforce or pursue an advanced degree at another institution.

Explore your love for the sciences and develop highly sought-after skills that can be applied to many career fields. You can take your first step toward a STEM degree by exploring our programs below.

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You can count on Oakton to stay up to date in the STEM industries to ensure you're receiving the best experience both inside and outside of the classroom. We're always looking ahead to what comes next, including what's next for you after Oakton. The Career and Transfer Center is available to help you define your career goals, plan for college transfers, assist with job searches and more.

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You will enjoy a hands-on education with plenty of opportunities to gain experience in your chosen field while you're at Oakton. We understand that experience is a huge factor in your academic journey. Our faculty has years of experience in unique positions in science, technology, engineering and math and can't wait to guide you on your own path.

Featured Program

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Oakton boasts a nationally recognized pre-engineering curriculum. Oakton students transfer to top-notch four-year colleges and universities around the country. For students who are interested in transferring to the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Engineering Pathways program offers qualifying students guaranteed admission.

About the Engineering Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Numbers and data aren't very intimidating to students in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs at Oakton. STEM careers and their industries are always changing, so students who greet change head-on and are generally adaptable do well in this area. Students may analyze research one day and the next day, they are making measurements in the lab. Being determined, flexible and willing to experiment are great qualities of many who find success in STEM fields. If you're not into memorizing facts or interpreting data and your least favorite subject is math, a STEM path may not be your best fit. Luckily, Oakton has more than 80 academic programs, so we know you can find your passion here.

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Yes! Visit Transfer Services to get information about transferring to or from Oakton. Many plan to transfer to a four-year institution after completing an Oakton course or program. Our university partnerships with leading schools in the region and beyond make transferring a simple process at Oakton.

Degree-seeking students must complete placements in reading, writing and math. Certificate-seeking and visiting students do not have to complete placement tests but are still required to submit prerequisites for any classes that require them.

Review your prerequisites and placement requirements in your New Student Portal.

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