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ACC100 - Accounting Procedures
Course introduces fundamental accounting procedures to complete the accounting cycle, including business transactions, adjusting entries, financial statements, and closing procedures. Also integrated are reconciliation of bank statements, examination of internal controls, and payroll procedures. This non-transfer course is intended for those students who want to learn basic accounting or for those who need preparation before enrolling in ACC 153. Prerequisite: None
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

ACC153 - Principles of Financial Accounting
Course covers preparation and analysis of financial information using generally accepted accounting principles. Content includes the accounting cycle, financial statement preparation, merchandise accounting, internal controls, cash, receivables, inventory, payables, property, plant and equipment, intangible assets, liabilities, stockholders’ equity, cash flow statement, and financial statement analysis.
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 4; lab: 0)

ACC154 - Principles of Managerial Accounting
Course presents accounting information used for internal business management. Focus is on planning, controlling and evaluating company performance. Content includes budgeting, job costing, product pricing, breakeven analysis, standard costing, decision models. Projects will be completed in Microsoft Excel. Prior experience with Excel not required. Recommended: ACC 153
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 4; lab: 0)

ACC170 - Payroll Tax Accounting
Course covers study and practice in practical applications of payroll tax laws and requirements. Content includes understanding and preparation of payroll records including FICA, unemployment taxes, payroll registers, tax forms, and deposit coupons. Recommended: ACC 100 or ACC 153.
1 Credit Hours (lecture: 1; lab: 0)

ACC180 - Accounting with Microsoft Excel
Course provides accounting refresher and uses Microsoft Excel features to perform accounting functions. Accounting topics include transactions, financial statements, cash flow, inventory costing, bank reconciliations, payroll, depreciation, bond amortization, financial ratios, and budgeting. Excel topics include formulas, formatting, multiple worksheets, charting, ranges, pivot tables, basic macros, goal seek, and special functions for calculations of inventory, payroll, depreciation, and time value of money. Note: ACC 180 is designed for students with prior knowledge in accounting. Other students should refer to CAB 135. Recommended ACC 153 or prior accounting knowledge.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)
Fee: $10

ACC183 - QuickBooks Certified User Preparation
Course prepares students for QuickBooks Certified User Exam. Topics include setting up companies, managing customer and vendor activity, preparing bank reconciliations, setting up inventory tracking, working with Balance Sheet transactions, performing payroll, creating job estimates and time-tracking, setting up product classes, customizing forms and reports, integrating with Microsoft Office, performing adjusting entries, and closing the books. Students have option of taking Certified User Exam on campus at end of term. Recommended ACC 153 or prior accounting knowledge.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)
Fee: $10

ACC188 - Cloud Accounting
Course uses cloud systems to perform accounting functions for service and merchandising entities. Google Sheets are used to prepare transaction analysis and financial statements. Excel 365 is used to perform the entire accounting cycle, including the statement of cash flows. QuickBooks Online is used for accounting functions related to company setup, customers, vendors, inventory tracking, sales tax, bank reconciliations, adjusting entries, and financial reporting. Other cloud accounting platforms may be introduced. Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive are used for file sharing. Prior experience with accounting software is not required. Recommended: ACC 153 or prior accounting knowledge.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

ACC241 - Intermediate Accounting I
Course presents development, usefulness and limitations of financial accounting. Content includes the study of financial statements, conceptual framework of accounting, present value techniques, as well as issues arising from cash, receivables, inventories, long-term assets, and current liabilities. Accounting research is included using professional databases to resolve accounting issues. One credit hour of this course will satisfy the accounting research requirement mandated by the Illinois Board of Examiners. Recommended: ACC 153.
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 4; lab: 0)

ACC242 - Intermediate Accounting II
Course presents theory and practice relating to liabilities, equity, and statement of cash flows. Content includes study of debt and stock securities, earnings per share, accounting for income taxes, pension costs and leases, statement of cash flows, and financial reporting. Accounting research is included using professional databases to resolve accounting issues. One credit hour of this course will satisfy the accounting research requirement mandated by the Illinois Board of Examiners. Recommended: ACC 241.
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 4; lab: 0)

ACC243 - Accounting Research
Course presents practice of general accounting research. Content includes study of professional research using authoritative databases. Focus is on accounting literature, including application of professional standards to case study simulations. This course will satisfy the 2-hour accounting research required by the Illinois Board of Examiners for the CPA exam. Recommended: ACC241.
2 Credit Hours (lecture: 2; lab: 0)

ACC244 - Income Tax Accounting
Course offers practical study of current federal and Illinois state income tax concepts, requirements, procedures and forms as they relate to businesses and individuals. Content includes income inclusions and exclusions, capital gains and losses, business and personal deductions and accounting methods. Computerized tax software used. Recommended: ACC 153.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

ACC245 - Cost Accounting
Course presents managerial and cost accounting with a focus on how management can use this information to make strategic business decisions. Content includes application of cost concepts in manufacturing under differing costing methods, with focus on job, process, standard, variable and activity-based costing. Additional content includes short and long-term decision techniques with focus on cost-volume-profit analysis and capital budgeting. Assignments include computerized spreadsheeting. Recommended: ACC154 Managerial Accounting
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

ACC253 - Practicum
Course offers cooperative work experience in accounting field. Part of course credit earned for participation in supervised cooperative work experience program, in college-approved training setting. Minimum of 200 hours at work site must be completed. Recommended: ACC 250 and accounting job (at least 15 hours per week) at the time ACC 253 begins.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 1; lab: 15)

ACC255 - Careers in Accounting
Course presents an exploration of career paths in bookkeeping, tax accounting, corporate accounting, auditing, international accounting, and independent accounting practice. Content includes fields of accounting, professional resumes, cover letters, job-search strategies, and interview skills. Students will attend one professional networking event arranged by the instructor. Recommended: ACC 153
2 Credit Hours (lecture: 2; lab: 0)

ACC260 - Auditing
Course concerned primarily with financial auditing. Content includes auditing standards, concepts and techniques, internal control, audit programs and audit reports. Recommended: ACC 242, or concurrent enrollment in ACC 242.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

ACC266 - Advanced Accounting
Course covers governmental and not-for-profit accounting, and business combinations. Content includes general funds, special funds, consolidated financial statements, intercompany inventory, and other intercompany transactions. Recommended: ACC 242, or concurrent enrollment in ACC 242.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

ACC274 - Advanced Tax Accounting
Course examines basic concepts of corporation income taxation for person in business field or student aspiring to a business career. General understanding of federal income tax system assumed. Focus is on tax aspects of business transactions and on compensation techniques. Content includes basic principles of income taxation as applied to partnerships, estates and trusts; taxation on transfer of wealth, both during lifetime and testamentary. Computerized tax software used. Recommended: ACC 244.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

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