Using D2L (Desire2Learn)

Access Your Online Course

Click on "MyOakton" from Oakton's home page,, and follow the login instructions. Then click on the "My courses" tab, then on the "My Courses" channel.  You should see all your courses listed here. When you click on your online course, you will be linked directly to the course homepage, or to course information your instructor has provided.

When you are out of the country or when MyOakton is down for any reasons, you should login to d2l directly at: 

If you experience difficulty, please see "Troubleshooting D2L Login Problems" prior to contacting the Online Learning office for assistance:, 847.635.1971.

Select one of the options below for additional information.

Clicking on the course in myOakton takes you to that course's page in D2L. The course page will have several "widgets" or function areas in the course.

The navigation bar provides links to course-specific tools. Generally the links are: Content, Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes/Exams, Grades, Checklist, Classlist, Groups, and More Tools. The available links in the navigation bar may change depending on your course and the features your course instructor chose to use.

The Course homepage generally provides quick access to important information, such as Announcements (course-related), Updates and Calendar items.

Besides your course page, D2L has a home page, found by selecting the "Home" icon in the upper left of the page.

The toolbar at the top of the page is the minibar. The minibar is always present and allows you to navigate within D2L.

Home Icon and Oakton logo: back to your D2L homepage.

Course Selector allows you to search or pin your courses.

Messages Alerts icon notifies you about unread mail and instant messages.

Update Alerts icon notifies you about new and updated announcements, upcoming due dates and end dates, and new and updated grades.

Subscription Alerts icon notifies you about new blog posts and new discussion posts in forums, topics and threads you have subscribed to.

Personal Menu is linked to your name. Your personal menu lets you edit user-specific settings, including your profile, notifications, and account settings. You can also view your progress and log out from your personal menu.

The D2L homepage generally provides quick access to important information, such as My Courses, Announcements, Updates and Calendar items.

My Courses shows the enrolled courses that you pinned in a tile style.

Announcement shows the global news or announcement from D2L administrators.

Calendar shows D2L-related events input by your teachers, administrators or you for all of your D2L courses.

Your instructor may have information about their design and which widgets they will be using.  You may also want to refer to

D2L Student Tutorial