Cannabis Transportation, Warehousing, and Supply Chain Management Certificate

The Cannabis Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in the cannabis industry. In this program, you will receive a solid foundation in the basics of working with cannabis. You will explore cannabis law, cannabis dispensary operations and cannabis cultivation, as well as supply chain management, security guard training and logistics.

The program will prepare transporters to apply state laws and regulations to securely transport and track cannabis.

Students will also be eligible to apply for their security guard permanent employee registration card (PERC). To be employed as a cannabis transporter, employees must be 21 years of age, meet the requirements to obtain a Department of Agriculture identification card, and pass a federal fingerprint test.

Degrees and Certificates

You will take a variety of courses designed to prepare you to enter the rapidly changing field of cannabis. You will learn about the cannabis plant; current policy and ethical issues; dispensary operations; and an introduction to cultivation operations.

In addition, you will take management courses in supply chains, transportation, warehousing and logistics.

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Meet Your Experts

Pamela Althoff
Executive Director
Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois

Andrew Bell
Oakton Community College Student

Paul Chialdikas
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Bedford Grow

Steve Fix
Patient Care Specialist
GreenGate Chicago

Lou Lang
Former Illinois State Representative
Advantage Government Strategies

Rosie Naumovski
Thrive Dispensaries

Claire O’Hearn
Natures Grace and Wellness

Tim O’Hearn
Natures Grace and Wellness

Mike Richards
Sales Channel Manager

Chris Torres
Patient Care Specialist
GreenGate Chicago

Don Williams
Regional Director of Government Affairs

May Alimboyoguen
Assistant Dean, Health Careers
Oakton Community College

Marc Battista
Associate Vice President of Workforce Education/ Dean of Business & Career Technologies
Oakton Community College

Jennifer Crowley
Health Career Advisor
Oakton Community College

Tracy Fulce
Chair, Professor Management & Marketing
Oakton Community College

Ileo Lott
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Oakton Community College

Melissa Mendoza
Professor, PTA
Oakton Community College

Luanne Olson
Chair, Distinguished Professor, Physical Therapist Assistant
Oakton Community College

Bob Sompolski
Dean of STEM and Health Careers
Oakton Community College

Cheryl Thayer
Lecturer, Adjunct Faculty President
Oakton Community College

Ruth Williams
Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs Dean of Curriculum and Instruction
Oakton Community College

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Tracy Fulce
Chair, Cannabis Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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