History is more than just a study of the past. It's about learning how our society and community came to be and then using this knowledge to understand the present and prepare wisely for the future. The study of history is invaluable for those looking to begin careers in law, government or education.

Oakton College offers an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree with a pre-major in History. Our faculty is known for outstanding teaching and advising, and they are committed to helping you be successful. We offer a wide variety of transferable introductory and advanced courses that cover world history from ancient to contemporary societies and cultures. Studying at Oakton, you will build a strong foundation of knowledge in the history of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. You can also explore topics that interest you, such as women's history, Jewish studies, the history of Native Americans, African American history and many more.

We continually revise and expand our course offerings to ensure that we are providing our students with a full and accurate understanding of the world, told from a diverse variety of perspectives.

Degrees and Certificates

Oakton offers an associate in arts (A.A.) degree for students intending to transfer into baccalaureate programs at a four-year college or university.

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Our pre-major is recommended for students who are considering completing a Bachelor’s degree in History after transferring to a four-year institution. It is designed for students who have not decided upon a specific four-year college or university.

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A history degree can help you in a wide range of careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the industries with the highest level of employment for those with history degrees are the Federal Executive Branch, local and state governments, and scientific research and development services.

Among the industries with the highest concentration of employment of those with history degrees, you can work in museums, historical sites, civic and social organizations among others.

If you're looking to get into education, you could teach subjects like American history, art, architecture, economics, or social history.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Potential Careers

• High school history teacher
• Community college history lecturer
• College or university history professor
• Government historian
• Historical consultant
• Political advisor
• Museum curator
• Archivist
• Lawyer
• Researcher
• Analyst
• Diplomat
• Journalist
• Writer

Enrolling at Oakton College can save you thousands of dollars and help you earn more over the course of your career. Our tuition is among the lowest in the region, and we offer many ways to bring your costs down even more.

99 percent of Oakton students graduate without debt.

To help you get there, you can apply for a scholarship, which you don’t have to pay back. We award $12 million in scholarships annually. Financial Aid includes grants, loans, and other forms of financial assistance that can reduce your costs of attending college.

We offer payment options that give you control over how you pay. Pay all at once or spread your payments over the course of the semester.

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Meet Your Faculty

Oakton's diverse full- and part-time history faculty specialize in a variety of different areas of history, focusing on different eras, regions and cultures from around the world.

Meet our full-time faculty:

Kayla Mitchell
Chair, EGHPS (Economics, Geography, History, and Political Science)
Associate Professor, Economics
B.B. Western Illinois University
M.A. Western Illinois University
Areas of Specialization: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
Office: 2602, Des Plaines

Wendy Adele-Marie
Coordinator, Jewish Studies
Distinguished Professor, History
A.A. William Rainey Harper College
B.A. Roosevelt University
M.A. Roosevelt University
Ph.D. University of the Cumberlands
Areas of Specialization: American History (cultural and social), Modern Europe (Holocaust, Nazi Germany, World War II) and Women's History (female perpetrators of genocide, women and work, imaging of women, and women and war)
Office: B215, Skokie

George Lungu
Distinguished Professor, Political Science
A.A. Oakton College
B.A. University of Chicago
M.A. University of Chicago
Areas of Specialization: International Relations, Security Studies, American Foreign Policy, and Area Studies: Middle East and Central Asia
Office: 2831, Des Plaines

Erick Johann Mann
Professor, History
B.A. Loyola University - Chicago
M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Areas of Specialization: Modern China, Vietnam War, U.S. History to 1877, History of Ancient and Modern Africa, Latin America to Independence and Modern Latin America, and surveys of Non-Western Civilizations Since 1945
Office: 2714, Des Plaines

Michael D. Nicholsen
Professor, History
B.A. Hiram College
M.A. Duquesne University
Ph.D. Loyola University - Chicago
Areas of Specialization: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Britain and Ireland, Traditional Music and Musicians, and US Ethnic and Immigration History
Office: 2706, Des Plaines


Meet our part-time faculty:

Jeanine Clark Bremer 
B.A. Aurora University
M.A. Northern Illinois University
A.B.D. Northern Illinois University
Areas of Specialization: US Environmental Policy, US 20th Century, Early American Religion, LAtin America, and the Ancient World
Office: B206, Skokie

Robert Gourley

B.A. Loyola University - Chicago
M.A. Loyola University - Chicago
Areas of Specialization:
 Ancient Rome (the Late Republic), Medieval Europe (the papacy of the 12th and 13th centuries and medieval monasticism) and Modern Europe (the Stuart monarchy)
Office: 2430, Des Plaines


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