Jewish Studies

Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions that is still in practice today. Beyond that faith, Jewish people and culture have profoundly impacted society, history, language, literature and the arts.

Oakton College's Jewish Studies concentration gives you the opportunity to explore Jewish Studies through 18 semester hours of interdisciplinary study. In addition to classes and coursework dedicated to Jewish history and culture, you'll take part in public lectures, symposia and special events.

When you have completed your Jewish Studies concentration, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the major eras associated with the history of Jews and Judaism.
  2. Describe the achievements of the Jews in historical, political, cultural and social terms.
  3. Compare representative works of literature and philosophy produced by Jewish authors.
  4. Explain the ethnic and cultural diversity of Jews and Judaism and the origins of historical, political, cultural and ethnic conflict as associated with Jewish people.
  5. Analyze primary and secondary sources associated with the history of Jews and Judaism.

Jewish Studies at Oakton provides you and the wider community with a forum about Jews and Judaism that encourages dialogue across different academic disciplines through:

  • Academic research.
  • An 18-credit-hour academic concentration.
  • Civic and community outreach.
  • Coordination with Jewish organizations.
  • Public lectures and symposia that educate and challenge all members of our community of learners to be informed, responsible and capable global citizens.

When you have completed all the requirements of the concentration, you will have a notation added to your transcript. In order to receive this notation, you must complete a Jewish Studies Concentration Completion Form and meet with Wendy Adele-Marie, distinguished professor of history and coordinator of Jewish Studies.

Special programs and concentrations are made possible thanks to a grant from the Oakton Educational Foundation.

Degrees and Certificates

The 18-semester-hour Jewish Studies Concentration provides an interdisciplinary study of Jews and Judaism. The concentration is constructed to provide students and the wider community with a forum that encourages dialogue across different academic disciplines.

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The following pre-major is recommended for students who are considering completing a Bachelor’s degree in Jewish Studies after transferring to a four year institution. It is designed for students who have not decided upon a specific four-year college or university. 

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