Peace and Social Justice Studies

Degrees and Certificates

Program Objectives

The Peace and Social Justice Studies Program at Oakton College is committed to the exploration of diverse ideas and practices of social justice and non-violence which have emerged in response to conflicts and suffering around the world. We envision a broad approach to the study of peace and social justice, one that includes courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

We support and aim to contribute to creative activities which encourage non-violence and social justice in our local and global communities.

We seek to encourage students, faculty members, administrators, and staff members to:

  • Discuss and debate ideas of non-violence, peace and social justice through engagement with actual conflicts around the world;
  • Draw out the political, social, racial, ethnic, national, economic, environmental, and/or religious dimensions that define and shape actual conflicts and struggles;
  • Examine and critically evaluate ethical theories of peace, non-violence and social justice;
  • Identify and think through the issues raised by conflicts and suffering on personal, local and global levels;
  • Envision ways to peaceful transformation and/or resolution to conflicts;
  • Live their own lives in ways that embody the principles of peace, social justice, and responsible environmental stewardship.

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