Writing Intensive

Courses in the Writing Intensive Concentration (WIC) provide you with an opportunity to learn and apply strategies for writing in your academic and professional areas of interest. WIC-designated courses are offered every semester in a variety of academic disciplines.

What is a writing intensive course?

WIC sections cover the same material as non-writing intensive sections, but with a special emphasis on writing. You will write regularly and learn to communicate in a specific field of study. Writing assignments vary between sections and are tied to the learning objectives of each course.

Why take writing intensive courses?

Writing Intensive courses encourage higher-level thinking and can improve retention of course concepts. A number of four-year colleges require them, so the concentration is especially recommended for prospective transfer students who plan to earn a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, a growing body of research shows writing instruction to be more effective when it is discipline-specific. The work in a Writing Intensive course is more like the writing that professionals actually do, giving you direct exposure to specialized writing practices and facilitating your success in the post-college world. Finally, skilled written communicators are better equipped to succeed in digital contexts, where even simple correspondence requires coherent writing and clear communication.

Current Courses

You can search for Writing Intensive courses by selecting "Writing Intensive" from the "Special Course Type" drop-down menu in the online schedule.

Writing Intensive Course Sections for Fall 2022: 

  • EAS 100 Introduction to Earth Science, Sec. 003
  • PSY 234 Family Systems and the Addictive Process, Sec. 051
  • GEG 120 World Regional Geography, Sec. 001
  • ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics, Sec. 0C1
  • ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics, Sec. 0C1
  • PHL 205 World Religions, Sec. 0C1 
  • PHL 205 World Religions, Sec. 0C2 
  • PHL 106 Ethics, Sec. 0G6
  • HUM 220 Asian Humanities, Sec. 001
  • HUM 220 Asian humanities, Sec. 0W1

Concentration Information

Writing Intensive Concentration (WIC) courses build on the learning objectives in English composition and technical writing classes, providing students the opportunity to refine and apply those writing skills in a variety of academic and professional contexts. The concentration comprises a minimum of 12 credit hours. WIC-designated courses are offered every semester in a variety of academic disciplines.

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Program Objectives

  1. Identify the demands of an audience in terms of writing conventions for academic and / or professional rhetorical situations.
  2. Use writing process techniques of planning, drafting, revising based on feedback and editing for presentation to compose academic or professional writing for a particular audience.
  3. Use research databases and online search techniques to identify and select sources to support writing in academic and professional rhetorical situations.
  4. Critically evaluate sources for bias and / or misrepresentation.
  5. Evaluate their own and others’ writing as part of the revision process and incorporate feedback from others in the writing process.

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Phil Sloan, Professor of English and Writing Intensive Coordinator

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