Environmental Studies Concentration

This 19-semester-hour concentration provides an interdisciplinary framework that promotes understanding of humanity’s impact on the natural environment and how the natural environment impacts human development; a critical appreciation of the importance of sustainability; and the central importance of integrating the work of the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities for a holistic and meaningful understanding of any environmental issue or problem.

Environmental Studies Concentration Requirements

Required courses (7 credits)

  • BIO 106 Introduction to Environmental Science (4 credits)
  • PHL 204 Environmental Ethics (3 credits)

Elective options (12 credits)

  • at least three credits from a social science course with an ESC designation
  • at least three credits from a humanities course with an ESC designation (other than PHL 204)
  • at least three credits from a science course (other than BIO 106)
  • the last three credits from any course with an ESC designation

For more information, contact ESC co-coordinators Paul Gulezian, associate professor of biology, 847.376.7120, pgulezia@oakton.edu, or Marian Staats, professor of English, 847.376.103, mstaats@oakton.edu.