Learning Outcomes

Concentration Program Learning Outcomes: Environmental Studies

  1. Describe and explain the multiple ways in which humanity at individual, societal, and global levels shapes and is shaped by its natural environment;
  2. Describe and explain the basic biological and ecological principles that shape the environment and interactions among diverse organisms;
  3. Apply ecological principles to restore local habitats and reverse human degradation of natural landscapes;
  4. Evaluate the different principles of environmental justice;
  5. Analyze the racial, ethnic, national, and economic factors that shape specific environmental issues and problems;
  6. Identify and analyze the ethical, economic, and social impact of different environmental policies and approaches;
  7. Identify and analyze the legal, social, and ecological issues associated with our exploitation of natural resources;
  8. Describe and evaluate the role of the humanities—including philosophy, literature, music, and visual arts – in shaping how we view the natural world;
  9. Develop ideas and projects for promoting a more sustainable way of life.