Michael Anthony

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Accentuating the Positive
Michael Anthony knows he’ll accomplish whatever he sets out to do – and then some.

“I like to focus on people’s strengths,” says Michael Anthony, summing up his philosophy on life. Oakton’s assistant vice president for access, equity, and diversity, he’s never been one to mourn his own downfalls – or anyone else’s. And this positive “can do” attitude that propelled Anthony to where he is today. 

“My parents, neither of whom went to college, urged me to pursue a bachelor’s degree that would give me options,” he explains, “only none of us knew what those options would be!” After graduating from high school, Anthony enrolled at North Carolina State University, three hours from Charlotte, his hometown. There, he found his way into student government, serving as student government president and university trustee his senior year, a challenging yet rewarding experience that sparked his interest in continuing a career in higher education. 

“Being a voice for the student body gave me a real sense of accomplishment and was the impetus for my decision to earn a Ph.D. in higher education administration,” explains Anthony, who arrived here after working for 10 years at the University of Louisville.

“Oakton is a great place to be right now, with its renewed focus on student success, access, and leadership. The College has the DNA to be a world-class educational provider, and I am proud to be a part of that.”

Michael Anthony, chief diversity officer and assistant vice president for student affairs