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*IAI (Illinois Articulation Agreement) - An agreement among participating Illinois colleges and universities to help Illinois college students transfer credit as easily as possible. See an advisor in the Advising and Counseling Center for additional information, or read about the IAI at

College Studies

COL101 - College Success Seminar
Course provides an introduction to the college setting and develops the competencies necessary to be a successful college student. Students learn strategies for success like goal setting, time management, test taking, self-assessment as a learner, and critical thinking. Students may only receive credit for COL 101, COL 108 or COL 110.
1 Credit Hours (lecture: 1; lab: 0)

COL103 - Peer Tutor Training
Course provides training in knowledge and fundamental skills essential for tutoring. Content includes techniques, methods, and approaches that are effective in improving learning and being a successful tutor, using, readings, classdiscussion, case studies, journals, group work and activities. Focus is on increasing awareness of academic and personal skills to enable students in tutorial session to achieve academic goals.
2 Credit Hours (lecture: 2; lab: 3)

COL108 - The College Experience
Course develops the competencies that are necessary to be a successful college student. It is highly interactive and aligned with individual student goals. Students learn strategies for success like test taking, critical thinking, self-assessment, communication skills, and overall study skills by applying them in concurrent courses and other learning contexts. Students may only receive credit for COL 101, COL 108 or COL 110.Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in another 100-level or above Oakton course. Recommended: Enrollment during a student's first 15 credit hours at Oakton and successful completion of any required developmental course in reading and/or writing (courses below EGL 100).
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

COL110 - College Success for Adult Learners
This course is designed to prepare adult students to participate meaningfully and successfully in higher education. Topics include: study skills, time management, adult learning and accelerated formats, learning styles, career and educationalgoals, the language and standards of college, academic computing, and library research. Students may not earn credit for both COL 110 and COL 101.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

COL120 - Academic Success Seminar
Course helps students identify, develop, and strengthen academic skills and abilities directly related to success in required courses. Specific content and activities of individual sections will be linked to designated disciplines (e.g., SOC, PSY, ECE, BIO). Course may be repeated up to two times in different content areas for a maximum of three credits. Recommended: Course to be takenconcurrently with specific General Education courses designated by section.
1 Credit Hours (lecture: 1; lab: 0)

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