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*IAI (Illinois Articulation Agreement) - An agreement among participating Illinois colleges and universities to help Illinois college students transfer credit as easily as possible. See an advisor in the Advising and Counseling Center for additional information, or read about the IAI at

Elder Care Support

ECS101 - The World of the Elder
The first of three courses required for a Person-Centered Elder Support certificate, which is designed to prepare the student for a caregiver role with elders. Content will focus on educational concepts and practices for the care and safety of elders experiencing normal aging. Sensory, physical and psychosocial changes of aging, normal aging, myths of aging, and culture change will be discussed.
1 Credit Hours (lecture: 1; lab: 0)
Fee: $40

ECS102 - Person-Centered Communication
Course will focus on effective person-centered communication techniques to promote quality relationships between caregivers and elders. Content focuses on promoting holistic approaches and respect for the individual, and emphasizes adaptive services as the elder experiences changes in his or her health or abilities. This approach empowers both caregiver and elder by offering positive, well-defined strategies to enhance the elder’s quality of life.Recommended: ECS 101
1 Credit Hours (lecture: 1; lab: 0)

ECS103 - Dementia Care of the Elder
Course focuses on educational concepts and practices for the care and safety of elders experiencing dementia. Topics include signs, symptoms, and causes of dementia, as well as caregiver strategies for persons with dementia. Alzheimer’s disease will be studied, including stages, symptom progression, and behaviors. Focus will be on understanding the disease and meeting the persons needs using person-centered concepts, techniques, and strategies. Caregiver support and community resources will be explored.Recommended: ECS 101
1 Credit Hours (lecture: 1; lab: 0)

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