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"At some point in time, I stopped believing in myself, but I think winning gold at the Phi Ro Pi speech competition was the world’s way of saying this is who you are and your journey is about uplifting people as you uplift yourself. This competition proved one of the values I stand by, every disadvantage in my life gives me the power to make it my advantage.”

Bushra Khan

Be Inspired by Bushra's Persistence

Tyson Dean

After joining BSSP and the Academy, I didn’t feel like Oakton was just a building where I go to class. The people inside the building meant a lot to me and that’s what I want for other Oakton students.

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Tyson Dean

Member of the BLACK Student Success Program and the Emory Williams Academy for Black Men

Christian Vega

I am taking my gen eds at Oakton with the goal of becoming an x-ray technician. I joined the Air Force because I wanted to serve my country. After my injury, I wanted to find a way to give back and I thought the best way would be to work in a hospital where I can help people who are sick.

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Christian Vega

Oakton Student and Veteran

Maria Gutierrez

“This is my purpose. I want to help students see that they can get the assistance to go to college, no matter what."

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Maria Gutierrez

Accounting student and campus leader

John Maye

“There is just a wealth of support here. My teachers and counselors have all immediately given me every resource available."

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John Maye

Physical Therapist Assistant alum

Matt Schiavone

"I wanted to learn everything in the correct order and understand every tool and how they relate and learn from professionals."

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Matt Schiavone

Digital Content Creation Certificate Alum

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Headshot of Syeda Samiha

“Eventually, I would've figured it all out, but the STEM Scholars Program made me realize I don’t have to do it alone and there is value in connecting with people and the guidance they can provide."

Syeda Samiha

Learn How Syeda Explores STEM

Headshot of student Luis Toro

"In high school I’d just let things come to me. But at Oakton, I want to put my name out there."

Luis Toro

Learn How Luis Found His Voice 

Headshot of Iwona Zylinska

“The most important part for me was to learn how to apply analytical, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills when working on specific real-life scenarios."

Iwona Zylinska

Discover How Iwona Changed Careers

Josselyn Cruz

"I’m proud to be a first-generation Latinx student. When I started making connections at Oakton and got to know the staff and faculty and met friends, it showed me that everyone really wants me to be successful."

Learn How Josselyn Connects for Sucess at Oakton

Josselyn Cruz


Jessica Swider

“The professors at Oakton pushed me to ask questions, to want to know more. They do a really good job of realizing potential in students.”

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Jessica Swider


Jose Ramirez

I wanted to help people and help my community. The whole idea just inspired me and pushed me more to go for a career in public service.”

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Jose Ramirez


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Nathan Norman photo

"Most people are building the plane while they’re flying and it’s OK not to have all the pieces together. If you’re looking for something that’s going to prepare you and push you forward, Oakton is the place to start."

Nathan Norman '18

Learn About Nathan's Educational Goals 

Parthvi Rana photo

"I’m getting a strong foundation in computer science at Oakton. I have a huge opportunity to represent women in the field of technology."

Parthvi Rana '22 

Read About Parthvi's Technology Goals

Yong Yoo Photo

"Oakton made my career happen. The professors were really willing to help me. They connected me directly to companies in the manufacturing industry."

Yong Yoo '18


Learn How Oakton Helped Yong's Career Goals


A'mon Holmes
"At Oakton, you get to see so many perspectives, so many different backgrounds. I’ve opened up to new ideas."

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A'mon Holmes


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