Josselyn Cruz

Josselyn Cruz wants to be an educator and leader in her local community and teach young children English as a second language. “The reason I want to be a teacher is to build connections with students. It’s really important to understand each student individually,” she says. 

That sense of connection empowers everything Josselyn does. She starts every day by taking a look at her planner, evaluating each small step she has to take to meet her long-term goals. When she gets overwhelmed, she tries to focus on finding solutions. “Everyone tells me: You have solutions; you are the one handling this choice.” 

She also knows that there are lots of people in her corner rooting her on. Most importantly, her family: “My parents always support my decisions, no matter where they lead me. They’ve always given me so much support and motivated me to stay on my path.” And, she’s developed a support system at Oakton as well. 

“I’m proud to be a first-generation Latinx student. At first, I didn’t know where to start. But when I started making connections at Oakton and got to know the staff and faculty and met friends, it showed me that everyone really wants me to be successful.”