Syeda Samiha

Published on September 7, 2022

Syeda Samiha wasn’t sure if she would fit in as an Oakton STEM Scholar. Initially, she wanted to study computer science, but quickly realized she wanted an education that allowed her to be creative and explore many of her interests. Read More

Luis Toro

Published on September 2, 2022

Oakton student body president Luis Toro found a way to express himself through competitive debate in high school. He has excelled in the Oakton community, and beyond. Read More

John Maye

Published on September 2, 2022

John Maye had a good-paying job in banking when he felt a call to change careers. He did what so many people dream of but never do—he took the leap to go back to school. Read More

Iwona Zylinska

Published on September 2, 2022

Ten years ago, Iwona Zylinska moved to the U.S. from Poland, where she was a pharmacy technician. She wanted to build on her skills in the health care field and began her education with Oakton’s medical coding and billing certificate program. Seeing a chance for even more opportunity, she went on to earn her associate degree in health information technology. Read More

Maria Gutierrez

Published on September 2, 2022

When Maria Gutierrez decided to start college, she had already accomplished a lot in her life—learning English as a second language, raising her kids and excelling at her job. But then, like it did for so many, Covid changed everything. Maria is an accounting student and campus leader. Read More