Christian Vega

Christian Vega
Serving in the U.S. Air Force
Christian Vega served for three years in Alaska employed as an Aerial Port Airmen—also known as a Port Dog—in the Passenger Service Center.

“I was busy. I won a scholarship to go to school in Alaska and I was passionate about fitness. When I first joined the Air Force I wanted to specialize in Pararescue in the special operations forces, but I was disqualified because I just learned to swim. I didn’t quit and the Air Force allowed me to do another job. That’s how I became a Port Dog, WOOF! I brought passengers to their airplanes, checked their boarding passes and luggage, and pretty much did what the TSA does at the airport. That was my job and I loved it!”

Leaning on Friends, Family and Faith
Vega suffered a brain aneurysm in 2015. He continued to serve for two more years and was medically separated from active duty after having a stroke.

“I had a lot of complications after my brain injuries. I am grateful for the support I had during that time. My mom is my official caregiver and has been there since day one. She came to Alaska to fly with me to Chicago. There were churches across the Chicagoland area, family members in the Texas area, my grandmother in Mexico City and my missionary pastor in Cambodia all praying for my recovery. In less than a month, the experimental drug my doctors recommended worked and my fever went away without any medical intervention.”

A New Way to Serve
“I’m back on my feet and pushing forward with my life. The gym is where my recovery starts and ends, so I am still passionate about being active. I am back in school and I joined the Mission Bible club at Oakton. I am taking my gen eds at Oakton with the goal of becoming an x-ray technician. I joined the Air Force because I wanted to serve my country. After my injury, I wanted to find a way to give back and I thought the best way would be to work in a hospital where I can help people who are sick. I’ve found strength in putting God first, being positive and working hard.”