Show Support for the Local LGBTQIA2+ Community at Oakton’s Night of Noise event, April 12

Join Oakton's Pride! Club and LGBTQIA2+ Advisory Council for the Night of Noise at Oakton.

Connect, dance, and enjoy live, professional and family-friendly drag performances

Des Plaines (April 8, 2024) - Join the Night of Noise, a nationwide celebration of being LGBTQIA2+, at Oakton College to show your support for the local LGBTQIA2+ community. Have fun connecting and dancing while enjoying live, professional, and family-friendly drag performances, April 12. Admission is free!

Night of Noise celebrates the joys of being LGBTQIA2+, highlighting the artistic and cultural contributions of LGBTQIA2+ people around us. Join the Oakton community and enjoy live, professional, family-friendly drag performances by Chifaguette, Lady Deviant and Chanel Mercedes Benz, all from the greater Chicago area.

Night of Noise marks the end of Day of (No) Silence, an annual demonstration started by two college students in the '90s. The nationwide protest invites participants, especially those in schools, to observe a day of total silence, representing the silence often imposed on LGBTQIA2+ individuals.

Whether it's from being in the closet to stay safe or staying silent in the face of subtle or outright discrimination, the Day of (No) Silence sends a powerful message about the work yet to be done for full LGBTQIA2+ acceptance. The recently added "(No)" emphasizes the importance of speaking up on the 364 other days of the year to advocate for full acceptance, freedom and equality for all LGBTQIA2+ people.

Night of Noise
Date: Friday, April 12
Time: 7 - 9 p.m.
Location: Des Plaines campus cafeteria, 1600 E Golf Road

Oakton is committed to maintaining a peaceful and comfortable environment for all. The College strives to promote, foster and support a safe and inclusive campus community for students, employees and guests. To learn more about LGBTQIA2+ resources at Oakton, please visit Oakton’s website.