Campus Safety

Dedicated to Your Safety

At Oakton, our dedication to your future success means a lot of things: providing fair and equitable access to college, bringing you the highest quality education possible, and preparing you to be the best in your chosen career, just to name a few.

It also means making sure you feel safe on our campuses and in our communities. Our state-certified police officers are trained to work in partnership with faculty, staff, students and visitors to ensure your safety while you ensure your future.

Explore the campus safety resources available to you, and discover why lists Oakton as one of the safest colleges and universities in the country.


Sign up for our Alert!Oakton emergency notification system and receive instant safety-related alerts to your email account or mobile phone. Alert!Oakton will only communicate important information during a potential emergency, such as a severe weather warning, power failure or crime watch.


Emergency Closing Information

Learn about how Oakton keeps you aware of any emergency closing and review our Emergency Operations plan.

Emergency Closing Information

Evacuation Plans

Emergencies, natural or otherwise, can come at any time. Review our evacuation and emergency plans for both Des Plaines and Skokie campuses to make sure you're prepared in the event of an unexpected emergency.

Des Plaines Campus Skokie Campus

Active Shooter Response (Video)

Run.Hide.Fight shows you how to protect yourself and others during an active shooter situation.

What to Do: Bomb Threat Video (Video)

This video walks viewers through what to do if you were to receive a bomb threat and how you can protect yourself. 

Campus Police Services

Our campus police officers work tirelessly to keep you safe and promote a peaceful environment on both campuses. Services range from patrolling the campus and criminal and accident investigation to parking lot escort and vehicle assistance. The Oakton Police Department also has certified technicians available to install car seats for the public.

Campus Police Services

RADAR/Concerning Behavior Incident Report

Share your concerns for a student or employee at Oakton College using our RADAR form. By sharing your concerns, you are helping to maintain Oakton as a healthy and safe campus environment.

RADAR/Concerning Behavior Incident Report

Quick Safety Tips

While our campus police officers work their hardest to provide you a safe place to learn, there are plenty of ways you can help!

  • Keep valuables out of sight in your car.
    When you park your car, put all valuables out of sight or take them with you.
  • Remain alert.
    Walk with your head up and scan your surroundings. If you're uncomfortable walking to your car after dark, call the Police Department to be escorted.
  • Watch your personal belongings while on campus.
    Don't leave them unattended, even for a few moments.
  • Mark valuables with your driver's license number.
    For your convenience, the department at either campus will engrave your personal items.
  • Can't find something?
    Check the lost and found in the office at either campus.
  • Report sexual harassment. 
    Whether it occurs in person or by phone or email.
  • Report suspicious behavior.
    Regardless of how insignificant or harmless the activity may appear.

To report an emergency on campus, call 1888. If you have any questions regarding safety and security issues on campus, please call the non-emergency numbers for the Police Department.

Emergency Calling Procedures

Any emergency situation at either campus can be reported to Campus Police Dispatch at extension 1888, using any campus phone.

Cell phone or off-campus users must dial 847.635.1888. Cell phone users must be ready to give their exact building and campus location.

People may also call 9-1-1 to be directly connected to the Skokie or Des Plaines Police and Fire Departments.

Note: Health Services is not always available, thus Campus Dispatch should be notified and if available Health Services will respond to the incident.