Theater Facilities

Footlik Theater

Constructed as a lecture hall almost 30 years ago, the Footlik Theater has evolved to a beautiful and intimate performance space that serves the community with more than 100 events each school year. Despite a traditional proscenium layout for the space, the flagship theater of the Performing Arts Center is often re-imagined as a thrust or in-the-round theater, depending on the show it is hosting. The 269-seat Footlik Theater has had almost every type of event on its stage, playing host to traditional stage plays, musicals, dance, concerts, films, lectures and community forums.

The theater is equipped with all the technology a modern performance space would use to offer audiences the best possible experience for every event it hosts. These technologies include a full conventional and intelligent lighting system, digital and analog sound and state-of-the art projection and new media equipment.

Studio One Theater

The Performing Arts Center’s newest space is home to some of the most modern productions. Conceived as a studio black box, productions are staged in every imaginable configuration including, in-the-round, thrust, alleyway, proscenium and unique settings for cutting edge shows. The studio can support 60-100 patrons and offers limitless possibilities for all mediums of design and performance.

Studio One is also equipped with the latest technology, offering students hands-on experience with a contemporary learning environment, and patrons the best possible show every time they visit. All productions are open seating, and often do not allow late entrance, so patrons are advised to arrive early for shows in Studio One.


The Oakton Performing Arts Center is a place for learning, creativity and community in the audience and on the stage. The Center is committed to offering patrons the best possible experience and a premiere educational experience in line with Oakton College’s high standards of academia. To offer the students who use the technology – and those that enjoy it – the PAC has invested in state-of-the-art production technology. The lighting systems mirror a professional Broadway house, combining conventional systems with intelligent fixtures, which save energy and costs while offering students a chance to work directly with modern lighting. The PAC also employs LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting, which has cut energy usage almost 40 percent in keeping with modern sustainability efforts in the industry and institution.

The audio systems have been overhauled twice since the original construction of the PAC. Evolving from reel-to-reel systems to computer automated sound and digital consoles; the Performing Arts Center is equipped to handle any audio needs a production may have. While offering students an unprecedented opportunity to work with this level of technology, the PAC can also give audiences full surround mixing for plays and digital quality audio for concerts, making it a leader in sound technology and comparable to any professional venue.

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