Respondent Support Advisors (RSA)

A Respondent Support Advisor (RSA) will respond to reports of student sexual misconduct with support and resources and proceed in a way that seeks to honor the rights of the students affected by the report.  This includes offering support services and appropriate information to the respondent (the accused) involved in a case.

The RSA is responsible for reaching out to identified respondents directly to offer support, talks about the role of a support person, assist in the development of understanding and navigation of the process, and discusses available on and off-campus resources.  An RSA is available to:

  • attend meetings including investigative conversations (e.g. changing of course schedule,  resolution agreement discussions) as a support person,
  • review documents and materials from investigations, final reports, and sanctioning agreements as requested,
  • provide general support,
  • manage academic, access to dining facilities, and other immediate and on-going separation needs as necessary, and
  • provide information and referral to Oakton and community-based resources for additional support needs.

The RSA is not involved in the investigation or agreement phases of the process, which are coordinated by the Office for Institutional Equity and the Office of Student Conflict Resolution, respectively.

Topics to Discuss with a Respondent Support Advisor

  • Get clarifications about college policies, procedures, or personnel related to sexual misconduct cases.
  • How to make adjustments to interim measures.
  • Manage stress during an investigation.
  • Request academic notifications – email notices sent to faculty to explain any temporary changes in a student’s level of participation.
  • Have sanctions explained and get help adjusting academic or personal plans.
  • Get coaching or assistance with whom to notify regarding school or college program.  
  • Gain understanding of court-issued restraining orders or personal protection orders.
  • Learn what happens at the completion of sanctions and how to prepare for reintegration.

Request an appointment with a respondent support advisor by contacting the assistant vice president for student affairs, and Dean of Access, Equity, and Diversity Office at (847) 635-1745.  

Important Note Regarding RSAs and Confidentiality

While the RSA will honor the privacy considerations of the situation, the information is not confidential; information shared with the RSA may need to be shared with other campus offices.