At Oakton Community College, we believe in accountability. In other words, we have a responsibility to our community, our environment, and most importantly, to each other. What that means for you is that we take seriously our commitment to providing you the support you need to succeed in achieving your goals. It also means that we are committed to improving as a school and giving you a safe and diverse environment to learn.

Indeed, accountability is the first value in our mission as an institution and is key to the decisions we make on how we will conduct ourselves and evolve. Our strategic plan, “Success Matters,” (PDF) (8 MB) outlines four commitments related to our accountability to you. They are:

  • Equity: Creating an environment that supports the inclusion, engagement, and learning for all students through resource allocation, curriculum development, inclusive policies and procedures, and ongoing support.
  • Teaching and Learning: Being responsive to the changing environment and promoting student success.
  • Community: Increasing our positive impact on the community by deepening Oakton’s relationships with external organizations and fostering our students’ sense of social responsibility and engagement.
  • Planning: Promoting the long-term success of Oakton by planning strategically for the future and investing responsibly in employees, infrastructure and marketing.

Our commitment to these principals will guide us toward achieving our mission as a school and fulfilling our responsibility to you. We will be an institution you can be proud of and one that provides you with real value for your time with us.

To help us in our goals, we collect and analyze internal and external information about the school. As part of our commitment to transparency, we communicate this information to internal and external stakeholders and use it to support us in making informed decisions and developing creative solutions that improve institutional effectiveness, accountability and student success.