Achieving the Dream

At Oakton, we are committed to making your college experience the absolute best it can be.

This means taking a success-focused approach that provides you all the support you need to complete your degree, continue your educational pursuits and reach your employment goals.

As part of our dedication to your future, we have partnered with Achieving the Dream, a comprehensive, non-governmental reform movement with a focus on student success. Achieving the Dream is a network of more than 220 higher education institutions, 100 coaches and advisors, and numerous investors and partners in 39 states and the District of Columbia. Achieving the Dream has helped more than 4 million community college students achieve their dreams.

Membership in Achieving the Dream gives us access to coaching, resources and data that allow us to create the welcoming, supportive and equitable college experience you deserve. It also provides us the tools to help you overcome challenges every step of the way, including choosing a program of study, staying successful in your coursework and finding a career.

Our work with Achieving the Dream continues to evolve. Our Student Success Team now includes active membership of the president and co-leadership from both the vice president of Academic Affairs and vice president of Student Affairs. The team continues to include important faculty and staff who are committed to your success.

Contact Us

To learn more about Oakton's Student Success Team and their current activities, including their work with Achieving the Dream, please contact the current Student Success Team co-chairs:

Dr. Karl Brooks
Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Ileo Lott
Vice President for Academic Affairs