Records and Transcripts

As a student or former student at Oakton, you have certain rights and responsibilities regarding your college records. 

  • You can obtain a copy of your transcript through the Enrollment Center by submitting a request online.
  • You can view your grades, register for class, and much more by logging into myOakton. To protect your confidentiality, access to student records is confidential.

Order Your Transcript

All restrictive holds on a student’s record must be cleared before a transcript is released.

Click on the image below and follow the order form for fast, easy and secure online ordering. A transcript fee of $10 per transcript is required. You will need a valid major credit card to order transcripts online.


Complete a transcript request form (PDF) (77 KB) and mail to the Enrollment Center. Your request must include your Social Security number, the name under which the transcript is listed, name and mailing address of where the transcript is to be sent, student signature, and the $10 transcript fee. Rush ordering is $20 per transcript. Transcripts will not be mailed unless payment is included.

Send a request with a check payable to Oakton College to:

Oakton College
Enrollment Center
1600 E. Golf Road
Des Plaines, IL 60016

Allow approximately five working days to receive transcripts. Students who attended from 1969 through Fall 1988 and have not attended since may take up to 10 business days for processing.

Complete and submit a Request for Evaluation of Credits form (PDF) (311 KB). You must also have an official transcript from that college sent to the Enrollment Center. Once the Request for Evaluation and the official transcript have been received, the evaluation will be completed in 6 - 8 weeks. Written notification will be sent to you once the evaluation has been completed.

Introducing the Digital Diploma

Congratulations, graduate! You’re proud and you’ve worked hard. Now it’s time to celebrate your achievement, thank those who matter to you most, and let your credentials go to work for you. Beginning in Spring 2024, Oakton has teamed with Parchment to offer an official digital version of your diploma.

It's fast, free and shareable

Celebrate your accomplishment with those who supported you along the way — your family, friends and collegues. Share with potential employers to kick-start the next step in your journey or career.

Graduates will receive an email and text notification with instructions for electronically claiming their diploma.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Check your school email and text messages for the award notification.
  • Follow the link to set up your Parchment digital credentials account.
  • Share your digital diploma on Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter) or download a secure .pdf version.

Your digital diploma will always be accessible through your Parchment account. You can login and download or share it again and again — at no cost to you.

Your diploma will be sent to your email address on file. Update your personal email address.

Share your Achievements

  • Easily share your digital diploma with a secure and verified link
  • Share with family and friends on Facebook and LinkedIn 

View or Download

  • View your digital diploma online at any time with permanent access
  • Download your digital diploma and save as a PDF 

Serve as an Alternative to the Apostille

  • Many countires recognize digital diplomas. Parchment Awards diplomas are supporting the needs of international credentials.

Questions about digital diplomas? Email

Questions about the digital diploma once you have received it? Email 

Enrollment and Degree Verification

To obtain a letter indicating you are attending Oakton, complete the Enrollment Verification form (PDF) (152 KB) and return it to the Enrollment Center. You may also fax the completed form to 847.635.1706. Enrollment Verification forms are processed beginning the third week of each term.

To better serve our students and the business community, Oakton now offers degree verification.

The National Student Clearinghouse is Oakton's authorized agent for providing degree verification. If you are an employer or background screening firm requesting this information please visit or contact:

National Student Clearinghouse
13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171
Fax: 703.742.4239

A. General Provisions
  • The terms used in this policy are defined in the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Public Law 93-380, 20 U.S.C. Sec. 1232g, et seq.), Referred to herein as the "Act". Copies of the Act are on file in the Enrollment Center and are available for inspection by appointment during regular business hours.
  • The right of access to student records is limited to students, unless a specific exception is contained in the Act. In general, parents of students who are 18 years of age or over are not permitted to inspect student records without permission from the student.
  • Students are not permitted to inspect financial records of their parents or other documents, such as confidential letters of recommendation, except as provided in the Act.
  • Students may waive the protection provided by the Act, but are not required to do so.
B. Procedure For Inspection
  • A present, or former, student who desires to inspect his record is to file a written request in the Enrollment Center on a form provided by it. The request will specify with reasonable certainty the portions of the record to be inspected. The request will be forwarded to the custodian of the record, and a copy will be sent to the Office of Student Affairs.
  • The record is available for inspection during regular business hours of the College. The custodian of the record will advise the student, in writing, of the date, time, and place the record may be inspected.
  • No record may be removed from the file. Copies of any record permitted to be inspected will be provided to the student upon payment to the College of the actual cost of reproducing and providing such copies.
  • No person other than the student may inspect the record unless the student authorizes such person to do so by written notice to the Enrollment Center prior to the inspection. A photo I.D. is required by the student or authorized third party to inspect records.
C. Challenge to Content of Record
  • If the student believes that any material contained in the record is inaccurate, misleading, or violative of his rights, he may challenge that material as provided herein and in the Act.
  • Grades are not subject to challenge by this procedure.
  • The application for a hearing to challenge material contained in the record is to be filed in the Enrollment Center on a form provided by such office.
  • An administrator appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs will notify the student of the date, time, and place of the hearing. The student may present evidence at the hearing, and may be represented by an attorney. The hearing will be recorded by electronic means. If the student desires a stenographic transcript of the proceedings, it will be provided at his or her cost.
  • Upon conclusion of the hearing, the administrator will prepare a report containing findings of fact and conclusions about the manner in which the record is to be corrected, if at all.
  • The student may appeal the decision of the administrator to the President by written request filed within 15 days after receipt of the decision from the administrator. The President will review the record of the hearing and affirm or reverse, either in whole or in part, the administrator's decision, or return the matter to the administrator for further proceedings.
  • Within five days after receipt of the President's decision, the student may appeal the same to the Board of Trustees. The appeal will be set for the next convenient meeting of the Board. At such meeting the Board will review the record before the administrator and the President's decision, and may affirm or reverse, either in whole or in part, the decisions of the President and the administrator, or return the matter to the administrator for further proceedings.


Remote and in-person services are available Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Have Questions?

Email the Registrar Services Office at with any questions that you may have.

Our Staff

Daniel Weber 
Director of Registrar Services
Des Plaines campus
Room 1860

Stephen Finney, Academic Records and Credentials Analyst
Adrianna Ladner, Academic Scheduling Specialist
Arbella Pera, Academic Records and Credentials Analyst
Anu Seth, Degree Completion Specialist and Assessment Coordinator
Manisha Shah, Academic Scheduling Coordinator
June Sproat, Coordinator for Registrar Technology
Jillian Verstrate, Coordinator of Student Academic Records
Valerie Westphal, Academic Records Specialist