Transfer Credits to Oakton

If you earned credit at another college or university, be sure to get that credit transferred to Oakton.

  • United States colleges and universities
  • Foreign colleges and universities

Credits Earned at United States Colleges and Universities

A student who has attended another college or university may transfer credit to Oakton. Students must complete the Request for Evaluation of Credits (PDF) (311 KB) to the Enrollment Center to have their transcripts evaluated and to determine which courses will transfer. An official transcript must be sent by the other college(s) directly to the Enrollment Center. The following conditions apply:

  1. The college previously attended must be an accredited and/or approved institution awarding college credit.
  2. Credit may be transferred for courses earning credit and successfully completed with a grade of D or above; however, if Oakton requires a grade of C in a course, then credit will be awarded only if the transfer grade is C or above.
  3. Only credit hours are transferable. Grades associated with the credit are not transferable, nor are they included in computing the grade point average at Oakton.
  4. Religion courses of a sectarian nature or courses that are not applicable to curricula at Oakton may not receive transfer credit.

Credits Earned at Foreign Colleges or Universities

Students who wish to have credits transferred from foreign colleges or universities, must request a catalog-match transcript evaluation report from Educational Perspectives. Students must also complete the Request for Evaluation of Credits and send it to the Enrollment Center to have their transcripts evaluated by Oakton. Contact Advising Services for additional information.

Advising Services