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Get Your Start in Manufacturing and Automotive Technology

Manufacturing, Facilities and Automotive programs at Oakton include a diverse group of career paths focusing on practical problem solving and hands-on experience. Knowing how something works and how to fix it is a key aspect of many careers within this area of interest. The five programs offered cover a range of careers from automotive technician to mechanical engineer, with several options for degrees, certificates or single courses.

In addition to general problem solving and critical thinking, you'll be instructed in all of the necessary skills required by your particular industry of interest, be it training in computer-aided design (CAD) software or air conditioning repair. For example, automotive technology courses will prepare you for the technical aspects of vehicle maintenance and also get you ready for client interactions and customer service. Manufacturing and facilities management is critical in many industries, and the organizational skills learned in these programs can be used in many careers. Real-world experience gained in each curriculum can help you grow toward your personal goals, whether you're just taking a few classes or pursuing a certificate or degree in manufacturing.

With plenty of potential jobs to explore, an education in Manufacturing, Facilities and Automotive from Oakton can help establish you as an in-demand professional with a solid foundation for a lasting career.

Programs of Study

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Automotive Technology Facilities Management and EngineeringAdvanced Manufacturing Mechanical Design/CADAdvanced Mechatronics Supply Chain Automation

Solve Problems with Degrees in Manufacturing

In-Demand Skills

Skilled technicians are always in high demand. Oakton’s Manufacturing, Facilities and Automotive academic programs will train you in the skills you need for a rewarding career. Oakton is here to support you outside of the classroom, as well. The Career and Transfer Center is available to help you define your career goals, assist with job searches, prepare you for interviews and more.

 Plan Your Manufacturing Career Path

Hands-On Learning

Experiences outside of the classroom are often just as important as knowledge gained inside the classroom. Students at Oakton enjoy a hands-on education, with plenty of opportunities to gain work experience while still at school. For example, the Skokie campus labs are outfitted with specialized equipment–such as a 3D printer–to provide you with practical experiences similar to what you may encounter during a future job. Our Manufacturing, Facilities and Automotive program instructors come from various backgrounds and understand the importance of digging in and gaining real-world knowledge.


Mechanical Design and CAD

Mechanical and computer-aided design (CAD) is a foundation for many careers in mechanical engineering. Oakton's state-of-the-art labs at the Skokie campus allow our students to gain invaluable practical experience with industry-leading software and equipment. You'll be trained in AutoCAD, Inventor, Rhino and other top industry software in real-world settings to best prepare you for your career ahead. Gain fundamental skills and become a sought-after employee for careers in manufacturing and engineering.

About the Mechanical Design Program

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Students who pursue an education in Manufacturing, Facilities and Automotive are often independent, driven and hands-on. For instance, in the Automotive Technology field, many have personal interests and hobbies related to cars that they've transformed into full-fledged careers. Some in these fields go on to managing their own business or otherwise working for themselves independently. Careers in this area can often be service-based, so satisfaction from solving customer problems can be a great perk if you enjoy working with and helping others.

At a fundamental level, the fascination with learning how things work—and how to construct those things, so they work properly—is a common theme. If any of this sounds like you, browse through the programs for more details about education in Manufacturing, Facilities and Automotive.

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