Person-Centered Elder Support Certificate

Oakton's person-centered Elder Care Support (ECS) certificate offers compassionate, caring individuals the tools to work with elders as in-home support workers or family caregivers. If you're interested in a career providing loving and informed senior care, our curriculum will give you a foundation in the educational concepts and practices you need. You'll learn about the sensory, physical and psychosocial changes of aging, as well as normal aging, myths of aging, and culture change.

Courses focus on effective communication techniques that promote quality relationships between caregivers and elders. They also emphasize adaptive services as the elder experiences changes in his or her health or abilities. You will also explore concepts and practices for the care and safety of elders experiencing various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Students are required to complete a fingerprint criminal background check and have no disqualifying convictions in order to be awarded a person-centered elder support certificate.


Our 3-hour person-centered elder support certificate can be completed in one semester. The curriculum offers a basic study of educational concepts and practices for the care and safety of elders experiencing normal aging. Sensory, physical, and psycho-social changes of aging, normal aging, myths of aging, and culture change will be discussed.

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Jhosa Pagulayan, Chair
Professor of Basic Nurse Assistant Training
B.S.N. St Paul University
M.S. North Park University
Office: B219, Skokie

Sheila Zabin
Assistant Professor of Basic Nurse Assistant Training
B.S.N. Loyola University of Chicago
B.S. Loyola University of Chicago
M.S.N. Walden University
Office: B226, Skokie

May Alimboyoguen
Dean for Health Careers
Oakton College

Sabrina Benjamin
Maine Township High school

Tata Bryant
CJE Lieberman

Mary Beth Dentzer
Three Crowns Administrator

Ida Cronin
NorthShore Connect

Donna Dickson, RN
Professor, BNAT
Oakton College Faculty

Ingrid Erickson
Niles North High School

Margaret Gas, RN
Chair, Nursing Program
Associate Professor Nursing
Oakton College

Kelly Gilbert
Visiting Angels
Living Assistance Services

Sirajullah Horwich
CJE Lieberman

Angela Jalloh
The Admiral of the Lake/
Lecturer, BNAT
Oakton College

Sharon Keane

Ami Lefevre
Niles West High School

Jhosa Pagulayan
Chair, Professor, BNAT
Oakton College

Valerie Parrilli
Advising & Assessment Specialist, BNAT
Oakton College

Bincy Reginold
Professor, BNAT
Oakton College

Barbara Strongin
Marketing Director
Relief Medical Services, Inc.

Amy Swanson
Maine Township High School/
Lecturer, BNAT
Oakton College

Bibiana Ukaegbu
Lecturer, BNAT
Oakton College

Deborah Wyeth
Assistant Professor, BNAT
Oakton College

Diana Yu
Niles North High School

Sheila Zabin
Professor, BNAT
Oakton College

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