Academic Standards Appeal for Financial Aid Recipients

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Please meet with an academic advisor/counselor prior to completing the online appeal form. This meeting will clarify how to complete the online form, as well as help you to develop an academic plan and identify success strategies.

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1. I am requesting consideration for financial assistance for the following semester (select only one.)
Appeals must be received by the following dates: October 15 for fall; March 15 for spring; and July 7 for summer. Appeals submitted after the deadline will be reviewed for the following semester.
2. I have met with an Oakton Academic Advisor or Counselor.

(You are required to meet with an Advisor or Counselor before consideration of your appeal. Please contact the Enrollment Center at (847) 635-1700 if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment with an advisor.)

3. Is this the first time you have submitted an appeal for Academic Standards at Oakton Community College?
4. Which part of Academic Standards do you need to improve?
5. Please summarize why you failed to complete the academic progress requirements and identify the activities that would allow you to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress. Be sure to reference each semester you did not pass or complete every course in the semester.
6. Submit third party documentation that identifies the reason(s) why you failed to maintain academic progress, such as a letter from a medical doctor or other mental health professional, medical, or legal documentation; or a death certificate.
8. I understand that if this appeal is approved for this semester and if after this semester I do not make satisfactory progress, my financial assistance may be permanently suspended at Oakton Community College. Eligibility for financial assistance would only be considered once I have regained eligibility by paying for classes on my own.